Making a whole screen black

Hey there!

So for my cut scenes, i want for the screen to fade in and out each time the camera moves. However i don’t know how to make the whole screen black, including the top bar. Is there any simple way to make the whole screen black?

Any help would be appreciated!

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You can use a screen gui with a frame that background color is black.

To fade it out, you can use tween service.


You can have a transparent black image label that covers the whole screen, and tween it into visibility to give the impression the screen is fading to black.

There’s a property of screengui called IgnoreGuiInset, set that to false and it should cover the topbar too.

Edit: It’s IgnoreGuiInset, not IgnoreGuiInput.


Also, you can use a for loop to fade it out. It’s a simplier solution.

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I added something to my reply, sorry I didn’t read your post carefully enough.

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I’m pretty sure the top bar ignores GUIs tho, so it wont go black with the rest of the screen.

It’s a member of the base gui. Pretty sure you can just disable it.

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You can use ColorCorrectionEffect To make the whole screen black by using the brightness setting on it.

It’s really easy to make it fade so try using the code below for the fade effect.

for i = 1,10 do
	game.Lighting.ColorCorrectionEffect.Brightness = game.Lighting.ColorCorrectionEffect.Brightness - 0.1

And the same thing for fading back in just make the - into a +.


The IgnoreGuilnset worked. Thanks for the help!

Just for clarification here’s was the problem and how IgnoreGuilnset fixed it: