Making Advanced GUIs

Hello, and thanks for reading this. I’m having trouble making advanced GUIs.

After I started to make GUIS, I realised that all the GUIs I made were so boxy, and didn’t feel right. I have searched properties and everything else but I haven’t found anything to do with roundifying them.

I am also having another issue. I am a beginner with making these, and I do not know how to place the GUIs on the same place on both mobile, console and PC. When I made my first GUI and I came to test it out on mobile, the GUI was not in the centre of the screen, but was in a different place. (It was in the exact middle on PC.)

If anyone knows how to do this, please reply, as I am trying to make GUIs for my game that are easy on the eye.


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Insert a UI Corner into any UI element with a background, and it’ll bevel it.

For the main frame, what most other things are inside of, use Position: {.5, 0},{.5, 0} [scale] instead, then set Anchor Point to .5,.5 and it should be centered for every device.
I recommend just using scale most of the time anyway, even in Size.


Note: When using scale, it will adjust to the screens proportions, if you want it to remain the same size, add a Ui Aspect Ratio Constraint to force it.

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Okay, my pea-sized brain can’t comprehend this but i’ll hop onto studio later and test this out, if I need any further help i’ll reply.

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If you want to scale them for mobile I would suggest you use this plugin. It is very easy to use.

Thanks, I’ll install this plugin.

Thanks for the help, it works! :))

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