Making an anime based game in roblox

hello, im planning to make a one piece game, and my plan is to make the game not copyrighted, i will make similar fruits and similar islands and weapons, but ofc i will change names and use my own sounds, and maybe change little details.
but my question is what if i got copyrighted, in worst case what will happen?
will i pay money because of the revenue i made or will the game just be taken down and there wont be any money losses?

It’s doubtful you will get copyrighted.

Many people have created imitation one-piece games, and generally, nobody cares as so long as the game remains small. If your game grows to be the size of Adopt Me, then I’d start to worry. Otherwise, you are free to make the game however you please. The only other concern is using the assets of other people. You can get free assets from the toolbox, but if you get it from anywhere else you risk a DMCA which could cause your game to be taken down until said assets are removed.

I’ve never heard of Roblox making people pay reparations for DMCA requests, so I wouldn’t worry about that.

Remember Pokémon Brick Bronze? Straight up Nintendo assets, and they got taken down for it since Nintendo caught on to its success. Unsure if they were financially reprimanded, but the game was permanently gone. The developers eventually came back with the same game idea but without Pokémon IP, loomian legacy I think?

In general though, expect legal consequence if you break the law. If you’re not directly using any of their IP you’ll be safer. There’s still a risk that the copyright holder builds a case you’re making mega profits off of a knockoff, but it would be difficult and probably not worth their time.

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What Nintendo should have done is just bought the team who made Pokemon Brick Bronze so they could profit from that too since it was the most popular game on roblox ever.