Making an entire swimming system for animal rigs/custom rigs

Hello devs!

I’m making an animal game which, has a few animals and a map, problem is that the map has water but i still don’t have any swimming system.
The default swimming system is good but, it wont fit well to my animals, so i wanted to make my own swimming system, but i dont know where to exactly start.
I use custom rigs made in blender


If anyone knows how can i make/start creating a swimming system kinda like Creatures of Sonaria or Amazon Ascension (if you ever played it), or any help on creating it would be helpful!


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Do I have experience with a system like this? No.

However, I know you’d have to begin with rigging the blender model. There’s a few plugins out there for setting up custom rigs such as your animals.

Rig Editor Plugin

After that, you’ll probably want to use Humanoid:GetState(), Humanoid.StateChanged(), to detect when the player, or animal, has started swimming.


Humanoid | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

That’s all I can assist with.

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Hey, thanks for the reply, but the animal model is already rig, it just isn’t playing any animation right now. I also am thinking if i should use a box part on the animal, and if that hits the water it will start swimming, because i don’t really know if Humanoid:GetState() works.