Making an Exploration-Based Steampunk Game

So yea, this obviously won’t be done for a long while, but I’m in the midst of making a large and open exploration-based game, with a sort of steam-punk-ish 5 Weeks in a Balloon kind of feel.

The main objective is, as the player is a cartographer, to explore different islands and bring back the measurements to the cartography society. Measurements would be co-ordinates (obviously), wind speed, elevation, and a variety of samples that the player has to find on each island. A bigger the island requires more samples to achieve “100% explored” on.

I guess it can be a bit of a take-away from Super Mario 64-esque go to a place, find all the stuff, over-come some obstacle, bring it back.

Some screenshots

Obviously it has a ton of work still needed - mostly scripting, but any feedback would be welcome.


Love the concept and the screenshots are promising! Looking forward to updates.

Giant moving parts (clouds, windmills, buildings, etc…) would make it feel so alive. Loving the concept, though!

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Funny you say that, the main city (the second picture, in the background) has a giant windmill in it that I’m going to have as a sort of wind turbine for the city. I want things to look fluid.