Making an FPS game: Should I use tools or make a non-tool based framework?


I have started development on an FPS game and have been wondering should I use a custom-made tool or a custom framework with no tools.

There are some older games on the platform that started off with tools and worked their way up to a full framework. (Arsenal, for example)

So, should I use a framework or tools?

(please let me know if this is the wrong area to post this)

Really depends. Honestly, I’d say to just use tools (since they’re natively supported by humanoids) and just use your own scripts for displaying it, detecting input, all that stuff.

Alright. But how would I make it look good? The big toolbar at the bottom looks unprofessional.

I tend to avoid tools and go for something more manually based. You can still have Humanoid support for any Model and so you can utilize that for animating.

The models in question would be the weapon models, the viewport arm models & everything external could just be the characters as is or you can have custom animations on the characters.

In order to do those custom animations, you can either use Motor6D (my favorite) and have the motors recreate themselves in order to animate without the overriding properties set from the server.

Most of the stuff I talk about is targeted towards client logic and so it’s best to stick to the client for smooth interpolation. I love to use inverse kinematics for my animating work and that’s usually where people tend to struggle so I’d say choose your animation type based on what’s best for you and the game.


Well that’s the inventory core GUI, you can make your own

Alright. I will try doing that.

That looks good, I will look into all of that.

Tools are good but viewmodels are easier to script with physics like bobbing etc. And are also used in most popular games as they are easier to animate too

I think you can make the tools into Accessories, which attach to your hand. When the gun is attached to your hand, all you have to do is add some animations for when the player equips it. Then all that has to happen is adding a custom 1-10 hotbar for your weapons.

When you use the default Tool class, it makes weapons easier to rig, as you can connect events to tools and the inventory and equip system is already handled by default.