Making an LMP racing car

Recently, I’ve been looking forward to making a ro-racing league for fun and I’ve completed the car model I’m going to use for it. The car is a Le Mans Prototype (LMP), if you don’t know what these look like you can search them up. The car uses A-Chassis and the body has been completely made by me. Look forward to seeing any feedback on the car.



Looks pretty good, but cars without any meshes can seem a little off. I’d recommend you learn blender to be able to create more realistic/accurate shapes.

i tried ignoring blender for a long time because I’d also have to learn texturing and it would be a big pain for me, it would save me a lot of time tho

I like it, since you didn’t use blender it gives it a really nice Low-Poly look and I like that.
Good Job!

too blocky honestly. when you look at it from side, it look weird. tires don’t fit in. spoiler looks weird and kind of thin. weird car

thanks for noticing all of this! the blocky thing is more of a style choice but I’ll try to improve from what you said

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