Making an obby with the community

I’m trying to make an obby.
I have been successful in the making so far, but i’d like if the community would like to help by suggesting ideas (It’s a story obby, so basically robbing a bank obby with cutscenes and stuff!)

If you have any ideas, I am definitely going to add it in the game, and maybe some scripts, you can show me to make my game better. I will add the link to the thread once I’m done and I’ll add credit to who helped make it!

My story starts where basically you have to go in the sewers to try to get into the bank then… (your ideas)

I need to fix this and its very broken, I’m going to add a robber outfit for StarterCharacter.

My Idea
…an alarm went off and several cops arrived to the scene. Now, in this section of the story, the user must either not get spotted by police officers.
Then, he’ll have to go to a room with a set of maximum security systems. One here, should be a CCTV camera. Similar to jailbreak, if the camera spots you, or if you could, apply some light to the camera, the user would loose much health.
The next thing, that happened to the user, will be robbing the mansion, though, in this part, cops will begin to roam around the area to search for the user. If you could, make some moving npc cops, which only moves in a back and forth direction, once the player gets touched, he/she will die.
This would take the user to the safe, now after he robs the safe, he blows up a wall, back into the sewers. In the sewers, I prefer the green liquid or the ooze should be the obstacles there, then the player will have to get back to their van.


Does the story take place feature robbing a bank and mansion at the same time or different parts in the scene? If your including robbing a mansion what type of mansion (house, historical build or something that people live in or something that people will take a trip and visit old mansions).

Alarms are normally used if the user breaks something or try’s to take old art or painting something that a family or too will visit to see old art work or the bank for example. If the user is going to blow it up underground there could be ways the robber could even defuse the alarm system so the police doesn’t track where the alarm set off something simple like that is fine.

If you’re including the robber going into the sewer. I would perhaps make him include all of his useful gear and so it at night time since the streets aren’t used normally at these current times, doing it in bright daylight users will be able to see the user, perhaps include the character dressing as a cleaner man so it doesn’t look like the robber is blowing up the side of the wall.

There’s different choices to go upon I would try implementing them in and see which one looks better.

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Sorry, I meant robbing the bank. I was thinking of another game while writing this