Making an overhead GUI not increase in size when scrolling out?

As you can see, I made an overhead GUI. My problem is that (like in one of the pictures) scrolling out will make the billboard GUI increase in size.

		char.Humanoid.DisplayDistanceType = Enum.HumanoidDisplayDistanceType.None
		local clone = script.BillboardGui:Clone()
		clone.Parent = char.Head
		clone.TextLabel.Text = plr.Name

I do not think it is a scripting problem - it might be- but I do think there is a property in billboard GUIs to stop this.

Any help would be appreciated.

use Scale instead of Offset when resizing it

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Nothing happened. Still does not work as I want it to

can you send Billboardgui properties as image?

hmm i don’t know what settings i have (I’m on mobile) so i can’t look at it now but i have my billboardgui as a roblox model if that could help you?

Sure I could learn from that I guess.

I would always recommend looking at the Roblox Developer website for API references since these can help find a lot of information on something. There is a set group of properties that allow you to change the behavior of how the scaling works on the BillboardGuis. The DistanceLowerLimit is the important property to keep track of since this determines how far the camera must be from the BillboardGui to cause it to stop scaling bigger so setting this value to zero should prevent this all together.

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Does not work. I tried making it lower but still nothing.