Making an Strong Anti-Cheat and Anti-Hack code

Hello there Developers,
I have watched YT and received a news that Hacker/Scammers are hacking games
I was wondering on creating a strong Anti-Cheat and Anti-Hack Tank Script and I don’t know how to make one

Any tutorials or Scripts pls?


Take a look in this thread, you can learn techniques in here


While I won’t give you any scripts I can give you some pointers.


  • Never trust the client. Make everything on the client Request something from the server. What do I mean by this?

    • Remote Events, make sure they don’t directly set data without certain checks. This is crucial. You don’t want to handle important data on the client.
  • Server side checks. If the client ever tries to do something vital then validate it on the server. Do not waste your time on client side anti cheats because they aren’t worth your time, unless you know what you’re doing.

Movement Based Exploits

The most common form of exploting you will run into will be movement exploits. Roblox by default gives the client complete control over their movements.


  • Easy but not good for most cases || Set the players network ownership to nil. I highly recommend you DONT do that as it will appear that the client is lagging on nearly all actions as the server is now in control of their movements.

  • Constantly check a players position on a server every time they interact, and on a loop. If their distance is more than the maximum time that they are allowed to move, either don’t let them interact with anything on the server, or teleport them back (Avoid teleportation unless it’s a huge distance because people will think they’re lagging.

The best way for you to prevent exploits is to learn. It’s my belief that it’s the developers responsibility to keep up against exploiters and to make good code to prevent it in the first place. In order to give your players the best experience you should look into some of the resources I listed below.

Another big thing for you to do it use local scripts in studio and try to exploit your own game. I do this and It works very well. What do I mean by this?

Try running local scripts that take advantage of your already existing systems. This will help you a lot. It will show you exactly where you can find issues in the long run.

Testing modes in studio - This will help you

Personally I think your best course of action will be to learn about Roblox and its systems. I wish you the best of luck my friend.