Making anchored, constantly-updated parts inside the character replicate?

Above is my characters structure. Everything in the “Snake” folder’s CFrame is updated constantly on the client, however on the server is not replicating.

Updating CFrame on the server is off the table because of latency, and it’ll cause performance issues.

I rarely work with projects where I have to alter the character, so I am a bit stuck. How would I achieve my desired result?


Are you able to use a weld in some way to get it to match up? Depending on the exact way you are modifying the CFrame, welding may not be an option.


I don’t think so, i am using Inverse kinetics to update the positioning so I think a weld might make that impossible

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Is there any part that can be in a fixed position relative to the player that you could weld, and have the IK behave around it? e.g. The head of the snake or a middle point

yes the head can be fixed to the humanoidrootpart

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If you try welding the head of the snake to the humanoid rootpart, are you able to achieve your desired effect?


welding seems to make the character completely frozen, even though the SnakeHead part is unanchored

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was able to get the parts moving, currently the head + all parts of the character replicate but the trailing segments do not

Found the solution!

What I ended up doing was not the most recommended option but in my case it worked

  • Character animations/visuals of movements work on CLIENT
  • Every 0.2 seconds it will fire a remote and the server will store the LastPosition of all body parts of the player and move it accordingly on the server
  • Server validates the updated position in regards of the lastposition (magnitude and stress checks to prevent exploiting)
  • Every 0.2 seconds the server fires back to all clients with an updated table of all players positions
  • The client will loop through all received positions of players and update accordingly, calculating the movements animations / fine details for smoothness

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