Making blocky rigs more natural?

So I’m making a fps game and wanted to have a blocky custom character like Bad Business or Ace of Spades. I modeled my character and rigged it like so:

But when I go to animate it I get these odd gaps in the limbs,

The only workaround I can think of is to make the limbs meshes that are already bent and animate it like that, but I don’t really want to do that. Are there any other ways to fix this?


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You can add cylinder parts on the edge of the limbs that are touching themselves. It should result with more aesthetic limbs.

I could try that, I would like a sharp edge though.

(Not mine fyi)

I’m not sure it could work, but I think you can use this tactic but instead of cylinders you can use wedge parts. It should provide more sharp looking edges.

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This can be done with skinned meshes easily. Otherwise, the size of that gap is variable. Only a round part would cover all angles. You can approximately cover the gap by overlapping the arm sections on the back (not square.)

I used the cylinder method, (Really should learn to use meshes, but my three brains cell with explode if I try) Seems to work great!