Making Camera and Torso Movement

I made a first person camera using player.CameraMode = “FirstPerson” and it works but i want to make it that whenever player rotates their cam down,the torso and arms down like leaning but how do i do it? i tried some yt vids but all they do is head movement,i dont want head,just the upper torso
Note:im bad at camera and cframe manipulation

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I think you can just use the camera’s lookvector to change the humanoidrootpart of your character to that lookvector.

i dont think that will work man
cuz i wanna bend the torso

Yea, I just realized that.
Maybe you can try this system: Realism — Make your games feel more immersive!

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Ah man it didnt work… i wanted a torso movement like the one in arsenal

The reason i wanna do that cuz of this problem here
and also
robloxapp-20211130-0006079.wmv (4.1 MB)
and even if i make the head transparent you can see the cam stays and doesnt move with the player anim and it feels sooo weird

Hey i fixed it but i still got another problem where when i move too much down my cam the character falls to floor because of torso system how can i add a clamp to my cam to not let player go down?

also im not using a custom cam,just player.CameraMode = “LockFirstPerson”