Realism — Make your games feel more immersive!


Today I’ve open sourced the definitive version of Realism, a light-weight character enhancement system I developed for Roblox. I wanted to share it with anyone who might be interested in checking it out!

What is Realism?

Realism is a character enhancement system for Roblox designed to be light-weight, easy to modify, and minimally invasive to integrate into existing games, so long as they follow Roblox’s avatar standards.

It allows players to:

  • Look around with their head in third person both horizontally and vertically.
  • See their avatar’s body in first person, including body accessories.
  • Aim with whatever tool they are holding in their right hand.
  • See a full-body shadow of their character in first person.

These enhancements are 100% interpolated on the client, and replicate to the server with a simple pitch/yaw value.

It also replaces the existing walk sounds with material-based walking sounds, which have their PlaybackSpeed adjusted based on the height and speed of the player.


  • Rojo backed GitHub repository!
  • Compatible with both R6 and R15.
  • Interpolation is not locked to the framerate.
  • Inline documentation provided in the source code.
  • Easily integrates into modular frameworks such as Aero.
  • Lightweight, modular, and easy to configure and customize.
  • Adapts in real-time to avatar scaling changes and limb replacements.

License & Terms of Use

Realism is distributed under v2.0 of the Mozilla Public License. This means you can use the library free of charge in your games without having to disclose the source code of your entire game, under the condition that you provide credit to the original author of the project, which in this case… is me :slight_smile:!

Additionally, if you make any significant enhancements to the system that others may find useful, you should open source your fork of Realism under the same conditions, and perhaps even consider submitting a pull request to have your changes integrated into the main project!

The goal of this policy is to make Realism an open standard that people can build upon and make even better for everyone!


The source code of Realism is available on GitHub!

You can find the latest release here:

Enjoy! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to mention them below :slight_smile:!

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Woah! Nice.

This is actually really good, I’ll see how it works in my test place and might add it to the next game I make.
Thanks for another high quality contribution @Maximum_ADHD.

I’ll be sure to update this post with what I come up with :slight_smile:


Thank you for opensourcing this! :slight_smile:


Thanks! Was considering making my own but this is better! I’ll fork it, thank you a ton!


I was wondering how to program something like this! Can’t wait to check out your code!


Sounds useful. Games like Mad City, Rake Classic Edition, and etc already use it. Its great that theres now an open source version on the forum.


Woah this is really cool! I love how well it was made. Thank you for creating such a wonderful thing.


Haha rpg makers go brrrrr.

Thank you for this, now only if I can figure out how to use this… the problem is, I haven’t the foggiest idea how :sweat_smile:


Nevermind, just found out what I have to do.


I have the same question as @prTESTAQ… how do you open the file? It would be easier as an open-sourced Roblox game or free model.


This is actually pretty simple to do, with 2 options I know of!

If you haven't gotten the .rbxm file yet

Go to the releases page and download the most recent version image

You have 2 choices to insert the model:

Drag and drop

If the file is in a easy to access area like your desktop, simply drag and drop into studios!

This will place the scripts in the workspace.


Insert from file

If your file is somewhere not so accessible, you can use “Insert from file”


Right click to access this menu!

Now lets say you have your file in the Download folder, navigate to the folder, and double click it, or click open in the bottom right of the window!


I’ll start publishing this as a model soon.


More dynamic characters animations are always great. :grinning:


I’ve been seeing you hint at this for quite some time now, and here it is!
Thanks for the release, many developers will benefit from such an epic resource :heart:


I found a repeated error while using r6, I didnt touch the scripts
I put RealsimServer in ServerScript Service and RealismClient in StarterPlayerScripts



Doesn’t work with r6 as far as I know.


I don’t know. That’s what CloneTrooper said so I’m taking his word for it.


Thanks for your help!

What I had tried was opening the file, but I noticed it was a .rbxm instead of the usual .rbxl.


Yeah it’s a bug. I was trying to make a polished version out of multiple forks of the code I had, and overlooked this by accident. I’ll have it fixed shortly.


R6 should be working properly again! I’ve published a new release with this patch: