Making camera follow a part ignoring rotation

Hello Developers, I need to make the camera of a player = the exact cframe as the players Head The only problem is its also getting the rotation of the players head (The head is constantly updating cframe)
I would I do this well ignoring the rotation.

(Or how would I calculate the the CFrame of the humanoidrootpart and head then add an offset that to still make it the same spot as the head).

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why not just set the position, and ignore the orientation, if you must use CFame you can do CFrame.Position, which just gets the position out of the CFrame value.


For Some Reason The Camera (workspace.CurrentCamera) doesn’t seem to have a position property only CFrame.position and when i do that it errors. Plus I realize now i would need to get the look vector i think it would be easiest to do it above the humanoidrootpart

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I solved this by making the cameras cframe the same y level as the head and the same position as the humanoidrootpart

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