Making camera tween stay in that position, once tweened is finished

I have a camera tween script, and it all works, except, once the camera has tweened to its position, it goes straight back to the player’s original camera. How do I make it so that the camera stays in the tweened position?

video of what is happening. Notice how after the tween, it goes straight back to the player.

This is not the whole script, but it the essentials:

local camera = workspace.CurrentCamera
camera.CameraType = Enum.CameraType.Scriptable
local tween = ts:Create(camera,, {["CFrame"] = FirstSeat.Seat.CFrame})

I just want the camera to stay in its position once the tween is completed, RATHER than going straight back to the player. How would I go about this?

Set the CameraSubject to nil or something other than the player’s character humanoid.

did you find a fix for this I’m currently having the same issue and searching for a solution