Making 'Character Save Slots'

Hello, I am currently scripting for a roleplay game and I need assistance on how to make save slots, where the player can save their current appearance ingame that they have created into slots that they can overwrite and load as well. I don’t know how I would implement this however, I have searched the devforum for any ideas to help make this but none have seemed to help and there are very few posts with a similar issue. If anyone could give me an explanation on how I would make this for the game it would be appreciated. Thank you!


I would start learning about data storing in Roblox. this will be a strong start with the loading/saving process.

Mb, I forgot to add that I am starting to understand datastores, I’m just primarily confused with all of the data I need to gather and how. Take the player’s accessories for example, how would I get the asset Id’s from them?

what you could do is collect the assetids of the player’s assets and then load them onto the player when needed. I would start with more simple things like the shirt and pants id and body colours. I will do more research on the hats and stuff.

I did some things with data storing a few times and yeah most things you save are what I would call “virtual” values and then when those values are extracted from the data key they are translated into an object or another value if that makes sense. So for example the number “1” in my datastore would mean a blue shirt in my game. For the slot system the most effective way is to do an array of values and assign the value Taken true/false to each of them. This is just representative, you could call it however you want. And the for loop will check at each iteration what slot is free and if it’s not free move on to the next one and if none are available well the player get kicked or something like that.

to add onto this, you can turn the data from a table to a string using HTTPService:JSONEncode(table). this makes it take much less space, and you can use JSONDecode to turn it back to a table. tables take (iirc) 64 characters per key and 16 characters per value, plus the amount of characters actually in it.

I believe that I have a rough idea on how I’m going to do this now. Thank you all for the help!

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