Making chat logs NOT with Discord?

So we all know you can make chat logs using Discord WebHooks, but is it possible to make chat logs differently?

Do you know any website that would allow Roblox chat logs, or would I need to make my own website?
Also would it be possible to send HTTP requests to a HTML website hosted on my PC? (without making it an actual website, just opening the HTML file)



Well you couldn’t make it run off your PC very easily, but hosting it off your own domain would be fine. You’d more than likely need to make your own website, and the benefit with that is you can’t get ratelimited unless you add cloudflare or something but you do have to code it yourself.

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Can I host a website for free?
Im pretty unfamilliar with this stuff

You can use Google Spreadsheets. I know there’s a tutorial around here. Let me get it. Edit: Here it is! Using Google Spreadsheets as a Database

Well id recommend paying for a domain (Ionos have pretty good deals) and then hosting it off something like

Do not use spreadsheets for database.

Spreadsheets aren’t made like databases.
There are also request restrictions, which can lead to data corruption


While it’s true it’s not easy at first, you can use node.js’ Express package to listen to a port and use httpservice in-game to send requests to it. Unlike regular webhooks, you can do whatever you want with the data you receive. In fact, I use node.js’ Express to store data externally for a discord bot, which is ran by the same app. I might post a tutorial on it later since it’s not very easy to set up, but has a very great payoff.

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So Discord bots cant get rate limited?
I know that webhooks can, which is why I ditched the idea of using webhooks.

By the way, how could I run the bot 24/7?
I know Heroku exists, but its not very good anymore since it has limited time now (I think the bot wouldnt run for the last quarter of the month)

That is very much wrong. Everything has a rate limit, but when you make it yourself, you can’t really know it unless you contact your ISP. I have reached mine and they closed my port forwarding options.

The uptime of the bot is depending on how you run the app, so it’s more or less depending on you.

Also, don’t use Heroku to host discord bots. You can use it to store stuff externally like I do, but it’s not recommended to use it if you want full control.

How should I keep the bot running 24/7 then?
Can I do it for free?

Well, I’d say keep the PC on 24/7 without closing the app.

And theoretically, if electricity WOULD be free, yeah, it is free. Otherwise, no. It impacts the performance on the PC (if it’s hardware is from before 2015, that is,) and can definitely destroy your PC if you’re not careful enough with how you use it. (Aka eval())