Making custom npcs?

Hi! For my new game I’m trying to make my own custom npcs and I can’t figure out how to do it. I’ve tried looking it up here on the forum but I can’t seem to find an exact answer. I’ve also tried using this plugin Custom NPC Maker BETA but it doesn’t seem to be working. If someone knows how it works or has a better plugin that would be helpful. Thanks!
Also sorry if I put this in the wrong category I wasn’t sure where it would fit.


What do you mean by Custom NPCs? Are you trying to make one, or edit a roblox npc? Are you trying to animate it? I need to know more before i can help you.

I’m trying to make a custom avatar for npc’s, like a shopkeeper or something. Like in a lot of obby’s the creator made a representation of themselves or in games like time travel adventures there are different characters. Do you get what I’m saying?

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Ok, I’m getting the plug-in link. Do you want Dialog, like this?

Here’s the plugin, type in a username, and you’ve got it! It’s the second plug-in in the catalog thing

Hm, that plugin seems like it could help. My question tho is if I load in my character as an npc and then change my avatar for a new character or something will the previous character I loaded update to look like my nw avatar? Also as far as the dialogue goes I was hoping to implement my own dialogue system tho I haven’t figured it out yet.

No, It does not update. And can you code? You have to have some experience with coding, to make that. (unless you find a free model, which isn’t recommended)

Ok if it doesn’t update I might end up using it, thanks. I’m not really the best at coding although I don’t have any money to hire someone. I haven’t exactly made much original code, I’ve mainly just done tutorials. Although I’m assuming the code to make a simple dialogue system wouldn’t be too advanced, would it?

My current rough idea for a dialogue system would be to put a click detector into the character and then script it to make a dialogue gui appear, along with gui buttonss wich you can use to continue in the dialog, although I’m not exactly sure how to do this.

This video might help you;

You can tinker with the script and change it to whatever you want.
(Check the results before watching it completely, I’m not sure if this is what you require)

This seems to be pretty useful, thanks. I’ll probably change it a little bit but for the most part it’ll work, thanks!

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