Making development discussion for Regular and new questions channel for Roblox Releated Questions

As a Roblox Developer,

Its very hard to post Roblox,Studio bugs/feature-requests as a Member
You need the Regular rank to post these
And you can post in #development-discussion

The purpose of the bug report channel is to post bugs, but we’re unable to post bugs as a Devforum member since 150+ days

The purpose of #development-discussion is to post development related topics, but people are using it for posting questions in Roblox or Studio as there is no #Roblox Questions channel or #Studio Questions channel

:warning: This is a feature request
So the feature I recommend/suggest is add a new Roblox questions channel to ask questions about studio or Roblox

And make the #development-discussion for Regular only, as not many people have experience for using that channel
And make the #bug-reports for all members as the purpose of that channel is for posting bugs not for waiting for regular rank and then posting bugs

Also there is #forum-help:forum-questions , but no #roblox-questions where you can post roblox-related questions, not studio questions


As an alternative, members can message @Bug-Support to file any bugs found; you can also email Roblox Support with your bugs.

I don’t think this is needed as we already have Building Support which is used for everything related to building, physics, architecture, and modeling in Roblox Studio.
Art Design Support which is used for everything related to graphics, UI design, animation, rigging, 3D modeling (meshes), sounds and composing on the Roblox platform.
Game Design Support which is used for everything related to game design (such as level design, mechanics, game flow/loops, user experience (UX), narrative, or monetization) on the Roblox platform.


I think he means posts like: Are you allowed to do (insert thing here)on Roblox? Or, Is this possible to do? Or Why does Roblox have? (insert thing here)

Yes, they are not releated to building,scripting,design support its just a question of roblox, like can i make this model in roblox, do free models have virus?

All these type of questions

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I find it interesting that you think most members will behave with bug reports but not DD.

Bug reports should be kept clean for the engineer’s sakes. There are other ways for members to report bugs if they need to.

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I see, but I still think having new categories for Roblox and/or Studio questions are not required; as you said “Are you allowed to do (insert thing here)”; if it was Are you allowed to use the toolbox for free models (example) then wouldn’t you use Game Design Support? Maybe in extreme cases having a Roblox and/or Studio questions category could be useful!

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I agree to locking #development-discussion back to regulars, as ever since it was opened it’s been nothing but suffering and zero moderation whatsoever.

Time and time again the sorry excuse of a DET has shown that it’s less about actual development discussion, and discussion about anything that merely mentions development regardless if it has nothing to do with it whatsoever (eg “as a developer” posts are 100% fine, solely because they mention developers, and any form of feature request is allowed as long as it’s worded to be a question so it’s eNcOuRaGiNg DiScUsSiOn) so I’d assume that locking out non-regulars from at least creating new posts would drastically improve the quality, as well as taking a lot of strain off of the 3 still active DET members, which could then in turn allow post approval to be opened back up again.

Seriously, opening DD just caused a snowball effect of making DETs lives way harder, as well as spiraling the devforum post standards into the pits of hell. Lock it back. Everyone wants this to happen.

(And you know it’s bad because I’m not even a regular and I want it completely locked off)

You contradicted yourself here, since you want #bug-reports to be opened to members yet want to lock down #development-discussion to regulars, in my opinion until we have a way to rank up, locking down already open categories is not the way to go.

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Way to be dramatic. Every single wildly off topic post or even mildly off topic post is normally removed within an hour or two at the worst.

There’s a reason why the criteria for a DD post is vague. Development is not a clear and specifically defined topic. Developers shape what is considered development discussion. One day it might be about which UI design tool to use, another it may be about the TalentHub. So while you may feel that some topics are irrelevant, it’s clearly not the case if many others are responding and discussing that topic.

We will not be implementing this request since accessibility of the mentioned category is important for the community.