Making "Dialog.DialogChoiceSelected" Clearly Client-Side

It seems myself and multiple other developers have encountered this problem when scripting Dialogs. The DialogChoiceSelected event for Dialogs does not work in server scripts with Filtering Enabled on. It’s not a surprise to me now that I have figured it out (when I finally did). Now that all games are FE, this is important. The articles about this have no mention of this event being only client side. The example code provided kinda implies that the dialog and script are in the workspace, where local scripts won’t run. Below I will link the articles.

In short: Add notation that .DialogChoiceSelected is client-side only.


Definite support, took me a while to figure this out without the wiki clearly stating it.

Thank you for the report.

This behavior is now described in the API reference manual ( and we will look at correcting those tutorials you linked as soon as possible.


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