Making Dual Wield Swords

What I want is a player to dual wield swords with their respective animation. I’m not looking for scripts/code. I just want logic or help in words. That will be helpful
I faced several problems:
Animation, When I animate the idle position for the character, it does look hes holding the swords in fighting stance but when you move around, the hands/arms position remain the same(one of the arms are supposed to be moving with the running animation since the other arm is equipped with the handle) I couldn’t find a solution to this so I tried making both the swords a ‘combined tool’ (at first only the right sword was the ‘tool’), but as far as I know a tool can have only one handle.
How can i achieve dual wielding swords

For stuff like this, it does get a tiny bit complicated. However, by creating your own slash animation, and a damage script ( it’s actually not that hard to implement. I suggest you check out the tutorial I’ll link on the bottom on how to create acessory type swords, but this can be implemented anywhere, as long as you know UIS ( UserInputService ) , and Mouse (not a service its a part of local player). Also, a combined tool probably won’t do you any good. You’ll need to do a weld as soon as the script is run. That way, you are able to practically place it anywhere.

edit: I forgot the link sooo here you go.


Hi Kaunainrocks2!

kuddos to @scripting1st for the tutorial bump.

To addon to his reply, yes a tool alone will not suffice for something like this. However what you can do (as scripting1st) mentioned is combine the tool with the accessory method. The breakdown:

  • Player 1 equips the dual sword tool

  • Fire off an event to the server letting the server know you equipped the dual sword tool

  • Server manually gives and configures two sword accessories (1 for each hand)

  • Player 1 unequips dual sword tool

  • Fire off an event letting the server know you unequipped it.

  • Remove the accessories you gave them

Should help you in the long run


Thanks for that, your tutorial will help a lot.
But Im going to ask particularly my game would have spawn and fight system, so there will be no equiping/unequipping so the weapons will be in the players hands at all time so how can I keep the Idle stance and the movement animation coherent.
I have attack animations for both the swords though and they fire randomly

Try making fake hands that are welded together to the real hand when equipped and then make the tool welded to each fake hand

Edit: Maybe jointed

For my game SkyClash, I have two modules, the Combat module is client sided and it recieves a remote event signal to initialize combat (i.e searches for the weapons, and sets them up)

The server sided one is known as Combat as well. This one handles giving players the accessories associated with the classes they chose. What i recommend you do, is do something similar, Tell the client when they received their weapons then set them up accordingly

Edit: To add on to that, the client side combat module does not do anything until its told too, so it essentially idles until the server goes “yo, here’s your class.”

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