Making fog look good without sacrificing the skybox and the Sun?

I’ve done more work on my game, and I can’t take it anymore, I NEED a solution to make the fog look good without sacrificing the quality of the skybox. I have sunrays on, and the solution I was using (inverted square mesh) makes the sun-rays not work anymore, and it ruins the look of the sun… but it also made the fog look better…
Can anyone help with how to make the fog look good, but also have sun rays still work and the sun still shine?

Awhile back ROBLOX released a feature called Atmosphere | Roblox Creator Documentation. I myself haven’t worked with it much, but from what I’ve heard it overlays fog over the skybox.

make a new studio file (new baseplate) and look at the lighting setup

Yeah… that’s what I tried using as my first other solution and it looked TERRIBLE. Besides I couldn’t also fine-tune the colour of the fog and the start and stop properties that easily either.

Mesh Method

Using Atmosphere

All I want is to have fog that looks good, like the fog in The Rake: Classic Edition

In THE RAKE: CLASSIC EDITION it uses a mesh for the fog with a low fog end value EDIT: it seems you did the mesh wrong

Hmm. I’ll try that. Will post results, tommorow probably.

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