Making game passes and products more appealing to players

If you were wondering about the game I am currently making (if you saw my other posts about it), Just know development is going INCREDIBLE so far!!! :smiley:

Also if my grammar is bad, Sorry, I am in a rush right now so I can only post this draft for now.

So I am making my new game and I am at the point where I to add all the Gamepasses and Developer Products to it, And I was wondering “How can I make Players want to buy these passes and products?”. But I don’t have any ideas. And I don’t think my monetization is appealing to players at all so I’m asking here.

And if your made a successful game please tell me, What strategies did you use to get players to spend their :robux: on your game? :smiley:

you can try using gamepasses (for example, radio gamepass or a vip gamepass) and put a gui button in your game where people can purchase them

but dont make the price of the gamepass too much like 700 :robux_light:, otherwise your players cant be able to afford them
instead do 10-50 robux if that works

Please do not make gamepasses PTW. It just loses your overall player count and less engagement. Make gamepasses that allow for your avatar to be customize or different types of accessories.

What is your game even about? Please give context to posts, each game genre has different strategies.