Making Gifs out of Frames

I’m trying to make a gif out of a series of frames by updating the image every tick to make it look like a video yet when I update the frame there’s a small issue where the image turns white as it’s updating the next frame and this is making the whole screen look white, is there a way to get around this?

Although it’s not the best example, I just get this white screen as it’s changing frames.

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Please show the code

Here’s the code, may I note this wasn’t my final design or anywhere close to it, I just wanted to see if it would actually function just in case I didn’t have to waste any more time:

local Frames = {"I won't post the frames"}

local FrameView = script.Parent

local Count = 1

while wait(0.1) do


FrameView.Image = "rbxassetid://" .. Frames[Count]

Count = Count + 1


Edit: I think that the problem was that you needed to use tostring()

FrameView.Image = "rbxassetid://" .. tostring(Frames[Count])

also there are better ways of doing this

I think will probably be because the images haven’t been loaded onto the client in time, Roblox doesn’t usually download the image for an ImageLabel/Button until it is visible on the screen. You can preload them using PreloadAsync which will probably help (but if they don’t load before it’s called, It would probably still do that).

What would be the best way to pre-load all the assets, if I may ask?

I agree, there are better ways of doing this, as I said before this isn’t my final script, I just want to see if the concept will actually work.

I recommend using Sprite sheets instead of looping through each frame.

Damn that worked perfectly! Thanks so much!