Making GUIs appear on top of the mobile movement/jump controls

When I test mobile devices on the Emulator in studio, my GUIs appear on-top of the movement/jump controls, like so:

This is my desired appearance.

However, when many people actually play on their mobile device, the GUIs appear below the controls, like so:

How can I set the GUIs to always appear above the controls?

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See the iOS GUI section!

I ideally don’t want to disable the control pad as players need to have the ability to move and use the GUIs at the same time

Yeah I see. Maybe you could loop through the StarterGUI and disable only the mobile jump button?

There should be a ScreenGui in PlayerGui called “MobileControls” or something like that. You could either change it’s DisplayOrder or go in and hide the jump button.

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I had a go at that but the problem still occurs. Here’s what I did:

Because the ScreenGui has a DisplayOrder property that is higher than every other ScreenGui in your game. Also protip, if you know there is only one instance of an item with that name it is more efficient to just directly access it rather than doing a for loop going through all children.


Oh I see now, thanks