Making Icon Pack For OS Game - Thoughts?

Hi everyone!

Me and @WorkPro2007 have been working on a game called ResOS! Basically, a game that acts like an operating system but with lots of gigs and features! (Of course… not yet, that’s another subject.)

Anyways, since I’m a UI Designer (Or graphics designers, I don’t know what to consider myself anymore. :/) I have made these icons! Of course, I will be making more but I need opinions on the style I’m going for! (Unique, 2D-3D-ish.)


Game Icon–
New Project (1)

–App Icons

–Explorer Icons

These were all made in blender (and they are all my ideas) and edited with Photopea! So, what are your thoughts? :smiley:

Thanks, Aki


You need to watermark those, they’re amazing but unless you watermark them some scum will come over and steal them.


I was thinking about that. I thought it would make sense to just post and then put this post’s link the game’s bio for proof that I made them but, I’m most likely going to add a watermark. Overall, thanks for the comment! :smiley: