Making my Discord-Roblox cross platform chat open source!

Hey everyone!

Recently I uploaded a video on devforum of my discord-roblox cross platform chat, and quite a few people seemed very interested, so I decided to open source the roblox and the website backend code!

(The video, in case you would like to see it:)

You can find the source code for this creation on my github repository dedicated to the project!

If there’s any questions or suggestions, please leave them in the comments of this topic!

Further I’d like for you to vote in this poll:

(If a majority votes for that I should host the backend part, I will make the discord bot and the api links public, so that you can use it without needing to figuring out hosting by yourself)

  • I wouldn’t be interested in using this system
  • I would be interested and I’m capable of hosting the code on my own
  • I would be interested and I’d like for you to make it compatible to be used by anyone without needing to host it

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Thanks for reading, and have a great day further!


Discord does not support this type of use for their API. This sends far too many requests which backs up discord’s servers. They’ll block the IP you’re sending from (for about an hour) rendering it useless.

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It really does not, I’ve used it quite a few times like this even for public bots (just not roblox, but discord has no info about that)


Beside for the potential TOS breaking of Roblox, I see minimal use to this.

The only thing I can think of is having players send a report message and it gets sent to discord, or sending a game status update on discord and it gets displayed in game.


Doing this kind of stunt is the reason why my roblox account got deleted.