Making part unafected by saturation

Hello, i’m making game and i decided for white and black style, but there is small problem with Saturation
I need to have some parts not affected (they will ignore saturation value and will have normal color) is there any way to do this?

Example how i want it to look

This is how i want to to look, some parts unaffected, expect in studio and with bricks :smiley:

I don’t actually expect that there is way to make this possible. Thanks for help

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Pretty sure that is possible by doing a little bit of scripting.

That’s the problem, what should i script?

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Watch tutorials on youtube and the basics of scripting. (suggest alvinblox) he explains plenty of stuff that can be useful.

ColorCorrection is a post-processing effect. It applies to the entire 3d viewport after the scene is rendered, so there is no way to make just specific objects exempt, at least not in a way that preserves the depth sorting and lighting. You could have a colored overlay copy of the part in a viewportframe, but it would always render in front of the 3d scene. Developers do this for x-ray vision type effects, not the selective-color effect you’re after.

Notice incorrect sorting:


I would recommend using what @EmilyBendsSpace suggested, and also putting gray parts in the viewport so the colored parts aren’t visible through the non-colored parts.



(Keep in mind, I’m not a viewport expert, and I don’t know how you could adjust the lighting to make it look the same as it would in the workspace, but this probably shouldn’t matter much).

If your game is in first-person only, this will work fine. If not, you could clone your character into the viewport frame. If you want the character to be grayscale, you would have to have a script that changes all color values to be gray.


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I know how to script, i just don’t know what to script to make this work

I was actually showing the viewportframe example to illustrate why you would not want to use a viewportframe. You’d have these poorly-lit parts popping on to cover things up, and even that would take a lot of raycasts just to manage. It would be a nightmare to code this, even for someone who knows exactly how to do it already, and the end result would look glitchy and awful.

It would probably be simpler to just build the game out of mostly greyscale parts, and remove clothing and textures from player characters to make them greyscale too (or just give them custom avatars). Then you don’t need the ColorCorrection at all.

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Yeah, just making the entire game out of gray bricks and a gray skybox should be basically the same.

If you’re using meshes, download all of the textures for the meshes you’re using, make them grayscale using something like lunapic. You can also do this for your skybox. Sadly, if third person is allowed in your game, you have to use custom characters since clothes/mesh textures cannot be made grayscale without using the ColorCorrection effect. And using the ColorCorrection effect, the only way to get different colored parts makes the colored parts visible through other parts.