Making passive night vision

So I am making a character in my game that players can have which gets passive night vision. This is a pretty massive open world game for context.

I tried researching night vision and they all seem to be night vision goggle systems where yes you can see in the dark but the problem is that you cannot see in the light as it becomes too bright. The problem with my case is I dont want it to be toggleable I want it to always be in effect. I cant just specify dark regions since like I mentioned this is a large open world map and that isn’t the best solution.

How can I make passive night vision that lets a player see in the dark whilst not hindering their ability to see in the light? This game also has different “zones” and locations that alter the atmosphere with fog, lighting, etc.

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maybe reduce the brightness of the lights until it doesnt disrupt the night vision goggles? just a suggestion

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Try changing the “Lighting” on a local script! (if you only want it applied to set players) You’ll be able to adjust it to your liking without any worries of overexposure (unless you set it that way) : )

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Its not an issue with actual lights. Even natural sunlight is too bright. When you make the screen bright enough to see in the dark it makes the already bright areas too bright to where it blinds you.

And in in response to @loganmaker3005 as I mentioned in the initial post I have zones in my game that change the lighting and atmosphere as you enter different zones so its not as simple as just having something fixed at all times. Unless theres a value I can always keep for people with night vision that doesn’t disrupt the appearance of the zones and atmospheres.

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Why don’t you try storing the original zone values in a module script accompanied by the night visions altered value? Then you’ll also be able to make zones of which night vision may not work and be able to customize each zones value to your liking : D


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