Making Patterns With Adobe XD -- Repeat Grids


Hey everyone! It’s time for this week’s Weekly XD! This is a last minute topic, as I accidentally posted this week’s course too early. Whoops. :smile: Anyways. Today we’re going to learn how to create patterns using XD! If you want to view all of the courses, click here. Well, let’s begin!

Repeat Grids

These are what we are going to use for this entire tutorial. To create one, select something, go to the top right, and click repeat grid.

Notice that if you drag one of the points, it repeats everything in the grid. Hence the term, repeat grid. Now, do you want to learn how to make some patterns?


Let’s start just by making a simple zig-zag. Get out your path tool, and make a little zig zag line.

Notice how I made sure that the last point was down, just like the first. Change the thickness of your line a little, and let’s get on with the next part. Next, you need to duplicate your line, move it down, and change the border thickness and length. It’s okay that this line is a little longer than the other one. We’ll fix that later. Now, repeat grid it. Drag your repeat grid out the number of times you want this to repeat. Then, let’s fill in the last part. Notice in the recording I added a big background. Do this, too. Next is the final part. The masking. Line your pen too up with the first path you created, and create a rectangle just around the edges. Once you have your rectangle, press Command/Control + Shift + M to mask it. Be sure to select everything though. Let’s move on to making some plaid.


This is a more complicated pattern, but it looks really cool. Let’s start by making two parallel lines. Now, towards the end, make two more intersecting lines. Make sure these lines are centered in the last lines.Screen Shot 2020-09-01 at 3.36.30 PM Next let’s fill in the square we’ve created. Let’s make it slightly darker than the first lines.

Time to make it a pattern. For this one, we are not going to use a repeat grid. We are going to group it, duplicate it, and move it around. Here’s a screenshot: You can do this as many times as you want. Let’s move onto the final pattern.

Plaid Shortcut

This is a shortcut to make the plaid. It really just uses the pattern we already had, and a plugin. Search for pattern maker in the plugins tab. Install it, and do the following things:

  1. Make sure it is in an artboard.
  2. Select the pattern
  3. Select the plugin
  4. Select the grid option
  5. Click make pattern.
    Do this as many times as you want. It also looks cool with a gradient background.


Well, that’s it! Have any questions? Feel free to let me know! Want all of these courses? Click here! Thanks for reading! Check back for my one next week, too!


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