Making player a particle?

So, currently, I’m trying to make the StarterPlayer just a simple particle, but I can’t find a way to do it. I’ve thought of making the player invisible and attaching a particle to them, but I don’t have access to Studio right now, and I don’t think this would work for camera focus.

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it is possible to make a player character or game object a particle using the ParticleEmitter object. The ParticleEmitter object allows you to create and control particle effects in your game, such as smoke, fire, or particle trails.

This is very simple:

  1. Add a model named StarterCharacter in StarterPlayer. This model must have a Part named HumanoidRootPart as the primary part. This part must have a transparency of 1.
  2. Insert a Humanoid into the model that was just created. Set RequiresNeck to false, RigType to R15, and HipHeight to 2.
  3. Insert your particle into the HumanoidRootPart part contained in the model.

I can’t try it out now, but I assume if I execute the following in the command bar, it would work?

--Add model named StarterCharacter in StarterPlayer 
local starterCharacter ="Model") 
starterCharacter.Name = "StarterCharacter" 
starterCharacter.Parent = game.StarterPlayer

--Add Part named HumanoidRootPart in the Model that was just created 
local rootPart ="Part") 
rootPart.Name = "HumanoidRootPart" 
rootPart.Transparency = 1 
rootPart.Parent = starterCharacter

-- Insert Humanoid into the Model 
local humanoid ="Humanoid")
humanoid.RequiresNeck = false
humanoid.RigType = "R15"
humanoid.HipHeight = 2
humanoid.Parent = starterCharacter

-- Insert Particle into HumanoidRootPart
local particle ="ParticleEmitter") 
particle.Parent = humanoid.RootPart

I’m setting it as a solution, as this seems right.

This seems right. I would recommend changing the size of the part to the standard torso size, which is 2, 2, 1 (to avoid player physics issues, such as not being able to walk through certain doors or climb).

I’ll do that. Thank you for your help! Much appreciated.

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