Making realistic hair from Roblox > Blender

Hi everyone! This is my best creation yet! so I have just made some hair of my roblox avatars & this is heavily inspired by SoftGB, Rightless, TomYT, & MAS3TER_here check it out :smiley:

Give me some feedback on how it looks :smiley:


I really like it, the hair looks a bit fuzzier in the back then in the front.


I like the texture, but if you’re going to make realistic hair, that hair style isn’t the way to go. Its like adding realism to something cartoonish.

Try making your own hairstyle, or use a UGC one for major improvement.


Like it overall and is the first time I’m seeing this. It’s strange but new as it looks like a carpet fur texture. Overall, it’s fuzzie.

I don’t know if it’s blender, but this part looks strange to me. As someone that doesn’t know Blender & Modeling I’m not sure if it’s suppose to be like this but it doesn’t feel natural.

Same thing is occuring here, the very end is very sharp which isn’t what hair is suppose to be in regards to wanting to hurt someone. Although pointy, you should add more hair detail so it looks pointy and fuzzie rather than pointy and sharp.

Good job though! :+1:


Looks alot like a hair shaped carpet to me

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This definitely does put roblox’s hair onto a whole other level. This looks interesting.

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You put fur with cartoony hair. I do not see how that would go. I mean it looks fine but the spikes is a no.

It is really realistic, but it dips into the uncanny valley for me with the spiky pillow fur.