Making Rubble Quickly

So I don’t know which of you could possibly use this, but I found out a way to make rubble in a not-so-time-consuming way. Originally it would take me five minutes to place all the parts and negatives in the right spot and union correctly, but this way I found to be much quicker for a nice low-ish poly count.

Here’s a step-by-step of how I figured it out:

[details=Steps (Image heavy)]I start with the part I way to be my base.

Then I duplicate it and move the new part to the spot I’d like to look like rubble, then duplicate it again and angle the two randomly

Now negate the two new parts and union them to the first part. If it fails re-angle the two negative parts. Mine did it on the first try.

Here are some examples of what I made in less than 10 seconds.


Here’s what a less than a minute whipped up:

Good relatively low poly count and quick to do. I hope this helps some devs here :slight_smile:


The lighting on that last image made me think it was a malformed CFrame matrix.

Btw if you clone these a lot and use them around the map you should consider exporting and optimizing them. Looks like a decent method either way.

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