Making server sound with a rollback

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    So, i’m working on a tycoon and i have 2 methods of sounds. Local and Server. Local are used for buttons and switchers, server sounds used for objects which every player could possible hear, so they should be called from the server. The main problem i can do rollback only in two ways, put sound into an invisible part and play it so rollback will work, this is bad solution because i have 4 tycoons across server, or as i was thinking putting it inside of a place where it should play and then play, all sounds are hold in Sounds folder in workspace.
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    So i can’t decide how to make it accurate working, because only possible way for me is playing sound from object it created
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    Explained at top

My current playing code is this(does not support rollback), so i’m asking for someone to give me some advice how to make it rollback

local SpawnPart = script.Parent
local Conveyor = script.Parent.Parent.Parent
local Ore = game.ServerStorage.OreStuff.Ore2
local DropSound = workspace.Sounds.DropSound
while Conveyor.Parent == workspace.Template.Floor3 do
	local OreClone = Ore:Clone()
	OreClone.Parent = script.Parent.Parent.Ores
	OreClone.CFrame = SpawnPart.CFrame
	DropSound:Play() -- just playing sound

What do you mean when you say rollback?

Closed, i used method with sound cloning from main folder and it works absolutely fine.

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