Making something similar to the google snake game

I am making a recreation of the google snake game just for learning. I have made some of it, but I have to clue how I would recreate the movement system where it grows, and how the body moves. Sorry this would probably take awhile to explain it and make it, but if you want to, I would like to know! I want to get better at scripting and I felt like this would be fun to make. I don’t know how to give you a copy of what I have so far.

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Well, if your starting out scripting then you shouldn’t try something like this. Due to you would have to learn how body movers work but I can try to help you. But I’m not to advanced in scripting so ye.

For the snake moving you would want to use body velocity, BodyVelocity Body velocity is deprecated, which means it is no longer supported. But I only know how to use body velocity and since this is just a practice game it doesn’t really matter.

Then for the turning you could use CFrames to rotate the part that your applying the body velocity to. Understanding CFrames.

Then you could use number values and stuff to find how much fruit the snake has eaten.

Then if you want the snake to grow, I’m not really sure how to do that, but could try to use tween service, which is basically what yo uwould use to move things such as to a position but with a smooth transitions. (Sorry I’m not the best at explaining these things). TweenService

If you have any further questions you can dm me. But I’m not too advanced in scripting so I can only help you to an extent.

Also follow the DevKing’s youtube series on scripting. It is really good and will help you out a lot.

I am not a beginner in my opinion lol, and I have the movement and food completed, with a points system everytime you eat the food. I just want to know how to make it grow and move like the google snake game, but thankyou! if i used tweenservice, I wouldnt be able to make it curve

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Ok sorry.

then for the curving you could use Bézier Curves. Which is tween service but more math and you can make things go on a curved path. Bézier Curves

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oh cool i will check it out i didnt mean to sound like i was offended lol

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No problem

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To build on with the Bézier curves, I hate to plug myself but if you want a tutorial on how to use the beziers with RunService:

I found a video on it, but thanks

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