Making "Stick Fight: the game" on Roblox, what do you think?

Recently I’ve been making a Roblox version of the popular game “Stick Fight the game” and I would like to show the progress so far…

The game is public yet and I’m not expecting myself to finish this game at all but if I do I will link the game somehow later.


If you do end up releasing this it could do really well, this is a type of game you can keep playing and playing without getting bored since its not the same process over and over again. keep working on it and don’t give up!


looks really cool! I just want to ask will there be a wider range of weapons than the original Stick Fight the Game?


this is amazing! did you make the 2d physics using gui?


So far I only have one weapon but I’m gonna expand on that. Lets just see what time takes me :smiley:

no, made everything in 3d. Just 2d illusions just like original the game

This is really cool! I’ve been trying to make something similar to this but haven’t gotten very far. Do you have any suggestions on how to make the player movement?

Sorry for replying so late! Somebody else actually asked me this privately and its simple, ragdolls. If you want to make a movement system like this you have to think outside the box, I’m not gonna tell you exactly how but using rag dolls and thinking outside the box should help : )

I’ve never seen games with this theme. I think it would be good if you kept working on it and kept improving it.

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I sure am my guy! I sure am :')

Also as a heads up, the game can be very laggy depending on how powerful you computer is. A lot of stuff has to be communicated to the server : (


I’ve been working hard these past months and I am close to being done with all of the fundamentals of the of the game. More guns mostly, changing maps and particles plus death messages.

A problem for gamers is that if they have a computer that doesn’t update far away objects they will experience lag. I recommend having a computer that can handle rendering far away objects without problems (like the Mac Studio) but for those people it’s a them problem.

Edit: This is now fixed :relieved:

What does all of this mean? Well…

Although the game isn’t out yet it might release this year :eyes:

Such a good game so it reminds me of a playstore game called, kick the buddy? Or bully the buddy? Duh I forgot