Making Terrain Using a Drawing Tablet

Hello everyone!

I have been making terrain for some time now, and I have found that I sometimes wish it would be smoother to create. That led me to wondering whether you can use a drawing tablet - like for example Wacom - to make terrain. I tried connecting mine to Roblox Studio and it sort of accepted it but there was no difference with a mouse when making terrain - i.e., Roblox Studio didn’t seem to be pressure sensitive. I don’t know if there is a setting to make it pressure sensitive, or whether it is really even possible/better to use a drawing tablet to make terrain.

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Terrain should overall get a revamp, but there is this feature that might be useful: Smooth Terrain Heightmap/Colormap Importer Release!

You can create a height/color map via an image and Roblox will make the terrain based off of that.

You can also manually change the pressure of Terrain in the Terrain editor, but something like pressure sensitivity with something like a Wacom tablet isn’t a thing I don’t think.

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That about the height/color map sounds amazing! Thanks for the info!