Making the player character a custom rig


I have a character customization menu in my game when they first load in. After they finish making their character I use
Player.Character = rig
After I do this the player does become that character although the camera won’t reset to it’s normally view by following the new rig and I can’t get the animations to start working even thought the Animate script is on the rig. (The Animate script is the roblox built in one that normally spawns with the player).
I use Camera.CameraType = Enum.CameraType.Custom to try and reset it

Any help appreciated, thanks :smile:

Move the Rig toStarterPlayer, and name it StarterCharacter

I could do that but that would make the player spawn as the rig from the start. This is before the player has even customized the character. I also have 2 rigs, male and female