Making the shine type thing in gamepass icons

Basically i want to make the white line “shine” thing (literally have no idea what its called)
heres what im looking for:
and since im completely new to this stuff i would like to know what to do. (I use figma)

edit: here’s mine:

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It’s called a Sunburst (or other names for it Starbust/Radial Stripes/Spiral Stripe)

You can make those by making a circle shape by:

  1. Create Circle, size of your need.
  2. Change the Storke Style to Dash.
  3. Then, play around with Dash and Gap
  4. Lastly, play around with the stroke colour, probably try radial gradient.

You can see how it’s done in this video below:

From there you can make the badge as below:


Hope this helps, Cheers!


Hah! Thanks I never knew this.

Just a question, how would I make the ends fade out? ( EDIT I SAW IT IN THE VIDEO)

Use radial gradient with one end having lower transparency/opacity than the other.

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i edited right as you replied lol. well it still helps ig

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