Making the Viewmodel Connect and hold one of the guns without using Hotbars

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Hello there Fellow Developers!

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–{ Something im having trouble with }–

I’m here again because i need help connecting the gun to the Viewmodel without using the Hotbar, This has been hard for me. Since class is coming soon. I do not have time to finish this, It would take me a Year to finish with class.

–{ The Code given by @BriefYayyayyay for the viewmodel }–

local viewmodel = game.ReplicatedStorage.Viewmodel:Clone() -- You will need your viewmodel here
viewmodel.Parent = workspace

local lastCamCFrame =
local swayCFrame =


	local rotation = workspace.CurrentCamera.CFrame:ToObjectSpace(lastCamCFrame)
	local X, Y, Z = rotation:ToOrientation()
	swayCFrame = swayCFrame:Lerp(CFrame.Angles(math.sin(X) * 0.7, math.sin(Y) * 0.7, 0), 0.1)
	lastCamCFrame = workspace.CurrentCamera.CFrame
	viewmodel.CamPart.CFrame = workspace.CurrentCamera.CFrame * swayCFrame

robloxapp-20220911-1527167.wmv (1.4 MB) here’s the Video of it working.

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1st Image:

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Sorry for the Topic Spamming, If i could delete it. I would

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this is amazing because it looks like its real but its not :slight_smile:

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