Making Transparent T-Shirts

I’m currently making transparent t-shirts. How can I tell the difference between a file thats not transparent and one that is not?

I really like this t-shirt. Although, I don’t know if it is considered transparent or not. It has tiny little square in the background of it, does that mean anything?

A transparent file has the name “.png” at the end of the name you’ve given the shirt. Usually, a t-shirt that is not transparent, ends with a “.jpg”.

The squares in the background means it is transparent. If it’s white, it is NOT transparent. Simply remove the white, then it should get the squares instead.

So if you wish to make it a png (transparent), put a “.png” at the end of the name.
I hope this was helpful :slight_smile:


Thank you very much. I appreciate the response! :slight_smile:

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Yeah, you’re welcome! One little reminder, this includes every file. For instance, a logo, a shirt, a pair of pants, etc.

If they end with a “.png”, it’s a transparent background (if the squares are shown).

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