Making UIGridLayout Padding relative to axis

I’m making a UI that scales on one axis and includes multiple elements placed using a UIGridLayout, and I need the padding to remain consistent as the UI scales, and consistent on multiple devices.

Now to keep the UI elements sized correctly as the UI expands on one axis, I placed a UIAspectRatio inside the UIGridLayout, and this works great! But the padding still has the issue where as the UI expands to accomodate more elements, the padding expands as it’s set on scale, gradually increasing the space between elements.

I know I could use offset to get around this problem, but by using offset the distance between my elements will look larger on mobile screens, breaking the ahestetics and usability of my UI

The solution would be to make the UIPadding relative to the axis that is not being scaled, as that would be consistent in all cases, but I can’t find any options for it. I know I could program that behaviour, but I’d much rather check for a native solution before that.

Anyone knows if this can be done without scripts?

Can you provide a video of your issue, please?