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Founded by Malaysians, built for everyone.

Malaysia of Roblox, otherwise known as Malaysia or MYS is a community of Malaysians and other international players alike participating in a nation-simulation of the South-East Asian nation of Malaysia. This niche but interesting genre is colloquially referred to as “Ro-Nations” as it takes place on the popular game platform Roblox.

Originally founded by Malaysian players @Inzun and @yan3321 on the 20th of July, 2014, the group has amassed thousands of members since then. Malaysia was designed to provide a base or platform on which citizens or people interested in the country can join and participate in the group’s activities. MYS prides itself on creating authentic, true-to-life experiences which reflect positively on Malaysian culture, while allowing players to enjoy and have fun while doing so.

With three main career paths such as politics, police, and military to choose from, as well as others coming soon, players may join something they have an interest in. Asides from entertainment, these experiences can prove to be educational, especially in terms of politics and history.

Malaysia is officially recognised by long-standing Ro-Nation communities such as the United Nations, Association of South-East Asian Nations and more. It is also the most technolgically advanced, 2nd-largest. It takes pride in creating authentic and original content for others to experience, as well as being innovative in the competitive Ro-Nation space.


Malaysia operates on the basis of four concepts, which are creation, innovation, education, and unity. These values were introduced in order to strengthen our mission in building a positive environment that can be enjoyed by everyone.


Membership in the group is commonly referred to as citizenship.

New members are automatically placed into the Immigration Office roleset; an administrator will assign roles as soon as possible, usually not more than a day.

In line with the our concept of unity, citizenship is granted to everyone with few restrictions:

  • Known exploiters will be exiled or put into prison.
  • Less major offences such as asset theft, breaking group laws and desertion will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • On the request of affiliated groups or official Ro-Nation organisations, citizenship may be denied.

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