Maldives Resorts - Resort game looking for feedback please!

Hi everyone!

I have just released an entirely rebuilt version of my game; Maldives Resorts. It is a group-based game featuring water bungalows and beach villas. I would really appreciate some feedback on the game to gain an idea of what people think and see where I need to improve.

This is my first “proper” ROBLOX game project and was solely developed by me so I had to step out of my comfort zone a lot throughout the project and tackle things that I had no experience with, overall it has been a great learning opportunity for me though!

Game link: [SALE] Maldives Resorts V2.5 - Roblox
Group link: Maldives Resorts - Roblox


Water Bungalows

Beach Villa

Another Beach Villa Image

Another Water Bungalow Image

Thank you so much for your time!! :slight_smile:


Looks pretty nice. Will this be a role play game or will it have something to do in it?

Thank you! It’s mainly a roleplay style/social group game where users can book rooms using the self check-in or speaking to staff members at the receptionist desks.

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