Managing multiplaces

I’m currently building a match game where each match lasts 5 minutes. Players that play the game is first spawned in the lobby. When a match starts, players are teleported to another server, Match, to play the match.

Maximum players per server are as such:
Lobby server: 50 pax
Match server: 50 pax

I have realised a case where: If I have 50 pax in my Match server, and my lobby server has for e.g. 40 pax, not all the match players can return to the original lobby server. How will the Roblox teleport service handle this? Will 10 out of the 50 match players enter the previous lobby, and the remaining 40 be spawned in a new lobby server? Or will all of them be teleported to a new lobby server?

Make sure to be treating this is a Universe. Not everyone needs to return to the same lobby as each other, but with the TeleportService you can technically get away by just creating new reserved servers, but this most likely means no other players will be able to join. Or you could do your lobbies with cross-communication via MessagingService.

The simplest solution would be to not care where the player ends up, as long as they get back to the lobby it should be good enough. Typically most will end up in the same lobby as each other anyways.

But, this has already been talked about.