Managing multiple places in a game

I am making a game for the first time using about 15 different places and teleportservice to transport players between them. Most of the places are for different game modes, then there is a lobby and a few side-places.

Sorry if this should be in another area, but are there any tips from more experienced developers on how to implement improvements?

Most of these places share the same enemies, weapons, scripts, etc. so when I make an improvement to one, I have to copy it to the other 14 places.

How do you all keep track of these changes and bug fixes without losing your mind?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Packages were made for this use case.

That, or you can set your project up with Rojo to pull certain components from a repository. You ultimately would need to sync into each place and be choosy with what gets synced for the sake of consistency so it could get tedious if you have upwards 15 places in your game.


This is exactly what I was looking for and had no idea it existed. Thanks.