Mandalorian Throne Room Build

Hey there, this is my 1st real build and it is based on the Mandalorian Throne Room from The Clone Wars.
Feedback would be appreciated.


It looks great just from first impressions, but could you temporarily make picture #1 and #3 a little bit brighter?

Preferred it without lights, but here you go.


For display I like it without lights, but I just wanted to see what was inside :slight_smile:


Looks good the colours the detail etc looks fantastic but since it’s called a Throne Room where’s the throne? Maybe it’s not done but for feedback add a throne.

I didn’t add the throne due to the fact I couldn’t choose how I wanted to do the throne (as there are multiple styles of it) and because I was lazy xd

Can we get some more screenies please.
Anyways it looks good, I’d add some density in lighting.