Mandarin Voyager Club | 文華路路通

Introducing the Mandarin Voyager Club! Join now and enjoy a world of exclusive benefits and rewards every time you fly with us. As a member, you will earn miles for every flight you take, which can be redeemed for business class tickets, lounge passes and much more to come!

So why wait? Start earning miles today with the Mandarin Voyager Club, the sky is the limit!

How to redeem perks

Lounge Passes

You can purchase a lounge pass at all of our airports for 690 miles! Simply interact with the NPC at the lounge entrance to purchase one. Then you can scan your pass and enjoy the lounge!

One-Time Business Class Upgrades

A one time business class upgrade can be purchased for 1590 miles. To buy the upgrade, simply use the self check in machine at our airports, check in as business class and select “Purchase with Mandarin Voyager Miles”

How to earn miles

Attending Flights

You will be given 100 miles per flight attended. Special flights can earn you even more!
This does not include private flights.


We occasionally host giveaways in our communications server. Please note that you have to be over 13 to join it.

How can I check my miles

Communications Server

By running /profile in our communications server, you will be able to see your miles balance and other useful information such as your current class. Please note that you have to be over 13 to join it.


During a flight, you can see your miles balance on the player list.

Terms and Conditions


Mandarin Voyager privileges may only be used once during the period of redemption. Privileges may not
be transferred to other individuals and will be voided once the flight experience has concluded.
Note that privileges may not be carried over to any future flights.

We will not reimburse used miles for the following reasons:

  • disconnection from the experience
  • voluntary exit from the flight
  • inadequate time of using the facilities
  • flight interruptions & errors after cruising

Passengers are advised to study the details of the flight prior to redeeming mandarin voyager privileges.


Mandarin Voyager为一次性的特别待遇,并不能转移到其他个人用户并且会在该航班结束后失效。



我们建议所有乘客在兑换Mandarin Voyager前仔细阅读所有有关条款及细则约束

I need help!

I am over 13 years of age

Join our communications server using our group’s social links.

I am under 13 years of age

Unfortunately, you are too young to be in our communications server. If you need any assistance, feel free to ask any questions on our group wall or during a Dynasty Airlines flight.